Saturday, 21 March 2015

Creative Writing- If I won a million dollars...

One thing I really enjoy doing is jazzing up our creative writing stories with a fun art activity. Inspired by St Patricks Day, this week I incorporated our 'If I won a million dollars' creative writing with a 'Pot of Gold' art activity!
The children first completed their good copy and illustrations. For the pots of gold you need thick cardboard so guess who stayed back one Friday afternoon wrestling a stanley knife through chunks of cardboard to create 19 pot templates? ME! The end result was totally worth it though :)

Using PVA glue, we glued pasta shells, lima beans and rice on the top of our pot. I made sure I got students to fill the entire section and to full in any blank spots with rice.
When the top had dried, I used gold spray paint to cover the entire area and give the illusion of gold. I then got the children to paint their pots grey.

I gave the top one more spray of gold to create a 'glowing' effect at the top of the pot. The students then added a dollar sign and used some lighter grey paint to create the effect of light reflecting off the pot. 

 I laminated the students work, added a bit of gold glitter to the edges and TA DA!! A fantastic looking creative writing piece :)

Miss A

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