Friday, 26 June 2015

My Classroom Pack Up Routine

I've never been a super neat person. I remember as a child looking into my big sisters neat and totally organised room, with all her dolls lined up perfectly and wishing she would let me play in it! Meanwhile my room had looked like a tornado hit it a bit more character. This has carried on into my adult life. However that all changes when it comes to my classroom! For some reason I cannot have a messy classroom, whether is be dust, cluttered shelves or even lop-sided pillows, I can't stand it! I live an hour away from school so the LAST thing I want to do every afternoon is spend half an hour cleaning my room. So I created my pack up routine which I must admit has been my life saver!!
I thought about all the area's of the classroom that needed to be attended to each afternoon and made this chart! I printed the students names onto chalk sticks and then attached them to a peg. Each week I move the pegs over one place so the students have 1-2 weeks on their assigned jobs. The jobs I've included on my chart are: Bins, Sweeper, Pencil Pots, Library, Teacher Library (I have a separate library with books I have bought), Desk Cleaner, Board Cleaner, Cushions and mats, Maths Shelves, Messenger, Reader Packs, Inspector and Rubbish (out in the yard). I think most jobs speak for themselves. One of the best things I did was add the 'Inspector' job. It's basically the Inspectors job to make sure that everyone is on task and doing their assigned job. They then give a report at the end when all the jobs have been completed. This had made a big difference to how well our pack up time has run!

Not only has this pack up routine saved me soo much time the kids really love it! I'd definitely recommend teachers to give it a go!

Want to learn more about my pack up routine? Leave me a comment and let me know!
x Miss A