Saturday, 2 May 2015

Birch Tree Art Project

Every Saturday, I take care of 3 amazing little boys! They are so adorable! Each of them has their own unique (and very different) personality. Whether we're making taco's, having pretend ninja fights or watching a movie these boys are a constant joy. With them around, my Saturdays are always entertaining!
One of my favourite things to do with the boys is painting! This week I only had black and white paint (note to self: always order well ahead of time!) so I used trusty Pinterest to see what sort of art activity I could scrounge up. There really is some great black and white paintings out there, but none that were really kid friendly. Then I came across this pin from A Little Lovely
I love the effect the card-paint combo makes, it looks so pretty. This inspired me to create a birch tree art project with the kiddies!
First we painted a small circle at the top of the page, then used different shades of grey to create a glowing moon effect. 
We then filled the rest of the page in black. I got the kids to flick watered down black paint to create a starry night sky.
My favourite part! The boys dipped a card (preferably one you don't use anymore!) in white paint and then swiped across to create their birch trees. We created the leaves by lightly dabbing paint and ta-da! A beautiful starry night, birch tree portrait!
xx Miss A

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