Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Maths Make 10 Game

One thing I always try to do is differentiate my maths games so that all learners are being challenged at their individual level. Even though I have a straight year 3 class, I still have a very wide range of learning abilities! This activity helped me with that- same game, 3 variations to ensure all students are being challenged at a level suitable to them. I created this game for students to review their 'Rainbow Facts'. Rainbow facts are numbers that make 10, such as 9+1 or 7+3. Developing automaticity with addition facts is so important! If a students is able to instantly recall 7+3=10, they begin to develop efficient strategies for addition of other addition facts, such as the answer to 7+4 will be 1 more than 10.

There were 3 Islands to choose from; Make 5, make 10 or make 20 (obviously for those who were already fluent with their make 10 facts!). The students studied their 'Number Island' activity sheet and searched for groups of numbers that totalled the number they were looking for. They then circled these numbers.

I also encouraged students to use unifix blocks to represent their addition sums, as well as to ensure their grouped numbers totalled the number they were searching for!

You can download this activity for free HERE.

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