Saturday, 18 April 2015

Random Line Drawing Art Activity

It's amazing how much we underestimate children sometimes! This activity really proved that to me. I call this the 'Random Line Drawing' activity because your whole picture is based on just that- a random line! First I put a clean sheet of paper on the white board for the whole class to see. Using a black marker, I drew a random line. I then asked my students how they can turn this randomly drawn line into a work of art. If someone came up with a suggestion that I felt was creative enough, they would receive that sheet of paper and could start their art work. Then I would draw another random line and repeat this process until every student had a sheet of paper. I think this is a really good strategy, as the students who were still a but unsure got to hear all the suggestion from the other students, and I think this got their creative juices flowing! Some lines were curly, some were straight, some had sharp edges and some had soft edges. No two lines were the same! I was um-ing and ah-ing about doing this for quite sometime because I really did underestimate just how creative my students could be, but I'm glad I did it, they look fantastic and the students were super proud of their work!

Keep Smiling!
Miss A

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