Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Near Doubles Neighbours

This week we started a new maths mental computation strategy: Near Doubles! I always teach near doubles when I have finished my unit on doubles as it builds on students proficiency with doubles facts.   Near doubles facts and doubles +1 or -1. For example, when solving a near doubles fact like 6+7, students can think double 6 plus 1 more. I use Ann Baker's Mental Computation Strategies which I LOVE! The improvement in fact fluency since I have started using her strategies is amazing! For those who haven't heard of her, you can check out her website here.

To introduce the topic we made our own near doubles neighbours! I gave each student a template of 3 houses side by side, and a doubles fact. The great thing about this lesson is you can be strategic about what double fact you give to which child. For example, I gave all the students who needed extending a double digit doubles fact. They wrote their doubles fact in the middle, and then on each side house they wrote the near doubles fact relating to the doubles fact.

After they had finished, they coloured their houses in and ta-da! A beautiful near doubles display! I think this is a great visual way for students to understand how near doubles work, and how efficient is it to use this strategy!

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